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    The Writing Swamp

    No disrespect to whoever coined the term ‘messy middle’ as an element of the novel (or story, I suppose) writing process. If you aren’t sure what it is, check out this post from Edits Underway. TL:DR – it’s that part where you get stuck and start thinking you’ll never finish. Or where you get down on yourself, that those goo-gobs of words you’ve already written are rubbish. Or where you feel you’ve written yourself in a corner with no way back to a sight-line of a destination. Even with a compelling image like the one above, I struggle with this…

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    Posts from a Temporary Alter-Ego

    One day, I decided I wanted a new pen name. Then, life changed and I realized I am not satisfied with that name, despite the fact that I’ve published under it. It’s just not me, you know? I’m working it out now, trying to decide what my new pen name will be. The posts from the site I’d built for my temporary alter-ego are now integrated here. I’ll be updating the categories for the posts and changing links that went to it over the next few weeks. I’ll ultimately use this site for everything. Appreciate your patience during the flux.

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    Grinding the Goals, 2023

    Happy 2023, everybody. I\’m a month (and some change) late writing those words, but keep reading. We moved cross-country last summer and as those who\’ve ever moved a household from one place to another can attest, is a beast. The moving company was a nightmare and we got here about three days before the 2022 summer Voodoonauts Fellowship was due to begin and a week or so before I had to be in-person on my university campus for fall residency. All that happened as I was trying to find my flow after several months of anxiety. As if that wasn\’t…

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    Behold, The Red Giant

    Feel the breeze that rustles the leaves of the trees and runs across the plain chasing the herd, leading the people toward life. Behold the Lore that lives to teach the love of land and people. Feel the loss of leaves and trees, no more running and chasing across the plain that is dry and void as the people now cross the void of space to take up new space. Behold the red giant that robs the people of the love of their land. But no: The Lore lives and breathes life through the passed down underground and fights for…

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    Infinite Possibilities

    So. Writing is a challenge. For those who think oh, it\’s nothing to write some of these stories, books, and screenplays … I mean, they\’re just making it up, right? let me share something with you. That\’s just the very first step to a good story, book, or screenplay. It\’s easy to tell when that\’s where the writer stopped working. I mentioned I\’m taking this writing course and I must admit, while I understood many of the indicated concepts, I have never executed them well. Okay, maybe a couple times, by accident, but as I\’m working through the lessons, I…

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    Come With Me!

    Hey! I know. You\’re wondering what in the world I\’ve been up to. Or maybe you don\’t care, and that\’s fine. I\’m alive, thanks. In fact, I\’ve been writing (cue music of shock and awe). Yes. I mentioned I\’ve been trying my hand at screenwriting; I signed up for a video course on it and have been up to my nose in yellow pads and fountain pens, crafting loglines and premises, story outlines, character arcs, and so on. I finished a pilot and the associated story bible for I think ten additional episodes. Here\’s hoping it gets nabbed as a…

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    Interior Argument

    I first thought the keyboard emoji for a heart was a kiss. <3 The ‘3’ are the lips and the ‘<‘ was the pucker. I used it voraciously, as if I’d found a new toy. And then the toy broke: I think I posted the ‘kiss’ on a site that auto-changed the keystrokes to a real emoji and up popped the heart. I was devastated. I tried to argue with myself that it could still be a heart. I could pick up the broken pucker, the full lips, put them back together and Voila! All better. Except it wasn’t. Image…

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    And an Almost New Year …

    It\’s that time again — the change of the year.I decided to update the Cave a bit with a new theme. I hope it will inspire me to maybe write more …Like changing curtains (does anyone actually do that anymore??) happens with spring cleaning …Like swapping the bedspread (do people other than me actually have bedspreads?) for a heavier option comes with fall or winter …Like reading about the new and upcoming publications from writers I support causes me to think more about my various Works-in-Progress …Yeah, all that.We\’ll see what transpires.

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    Writing, I Am

    Maybe I didn\’t learn what I think I learned about writing so the idea of unlearning could be a figment of my imagination.Which is broad, deep, and wide, if you hadn\’t noticed. My imagination, that is.[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hge5IyRU1V4[/embedyt] IMAGINASHUN! I don\’t recall getting much direction on my writing prior to high school. After gaining access to Honors English, I felt my senses dulled by attempts at getting me to understand Shakespeare. I still have no clue what most of his writings mean. After all, there were no alien worlds or creepy creatures (despondent humans notwithstanding). Iambic pentameter was never a strong…