Additional Writing Digs

I’ve decided I want to write more.

I know: If you’ve been around any of my blogs, you know I’ve written those (or similar) words before. But as the saying goes, one must put one’s coins where one’s piehole is, since that’s a sure way to keep the fires burning.

Or something like that.

I’ve joined Medium — you’ll find an RSS feed in the sidebar, but I encourage you to follow me over there. In case you don’t want to go fishing, here’s a link:


C’mon past and set for a spell. I’ll likely be doing more over there than up in here, but who knows. For now, my goal is to be active there, posting one or two times a week as I’m able. You can catch the highlights in the RSS here too if that’s your pleasure.

Either way, I certainly appreciate you …

Andree Koehler is a writer and academic. She uses several noms de plume, so you never know who she'll be when she arrives at the party.

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