Hidden but not Hiding …

So here’s what happened. I shut down a couple other sites that my older posts called home and imported them here. Well, that isn’t as simple as it sounds because the imported pieces looked dreadful for the most part.

What that means is that I needed to do some additional housecleaning up in here.

Now, you may find some posts with still iffy links and such, and I cry your pardon on that. Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll come in and address it. What I did was go through all 422 posts and mark private those that were the messiest. If you think you’d like to see those, well, you could reach out and ask me if I’ve written anything on Thus-and-So and I’ll be glad to look. Other than that, those posts are there, just to remind me that I did them.

Maybe one day I’ll go back through, edit, and re-publish, but for now, that’s a big nah.

Onward …

Andree Koehler is a writer and academic. She uses several noms de plume, so you never know who she'll be when she arrives at the party.

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