The Quill Has Landed

You’ll find here links to my published works. If you nab a copy of something, please be sure to leave a review. Not just for these words but for the words of any author you put money behind. Reviews help us get our words to more people. Thank you so much!

Find my story ‘Sunup Town’ (written as Hou Rhyder) in midnight & indigo’s volume 3

Find me in collections from Pure Slush:

  • Appointment at 10.30 (Q4, 2021 or Q1, 2022): First Date
  • Lifespan (2021 through 2023):
    • Birth (2021): Beginning at the End
    • Growing Up (2021): Big Shoes
    • Friendship (2021): He Comes with Open Arms
    • Love (2021): Courting Before the Dance
    • Work (n/a):
    • Marriage (n/a):
    • Home (n/a):
    • Achievement (n/a):
    • Loss (n/a):
    • Retirement (n/a):
    • Older (n/a):
    • Death (n/a):
  • Feast (2015): Homegoing Day – Morning; The Mortician\’s Visit; After Service Luncheon

Amazon has the following books:

  • Knowing Abbie (Black Opal Books, 2018)
  • After (self-published, 2017)
  • Life in the Floating City (Black Bed Sheet Books, 2016)
  • Adventures in Cargo City (novella, self-published, 2013) – If you are interested, click here for the Authorgraph hook up for ‘Adventures’.

I also have a collection of short stories called From Reality’s Edge: Volume One (2016) – contact me if interested.