Or, what happened to One Starving Activist and why is this space named after an animal of the African Savannah?

I\’ve used the Starving Activist moniker for several years and across different spaces. I still own the domain and might link it up here in some way, or I might let it fade into the distance, like a mirage. I don\’t know yet.

The point is, it\’s a new year.

As I update this About page, we\’ve just come into 2021.

New things tend to bloom.

But using just the word \’new\’ felt quite boring to me, so …


A gnu bloom

A new start.

That\’s what this is.

I\’m still the same ol\’ me and will wander in and out of here randomly. No promises to post on a certain schedule or anything like that.

Despite the gnu-ness, I\’m still as you would expect, but hopefully more so.

Welcome, and hello.

I hope you\’ll stick around.