DIYMFA QOTW 10: Stepping Off The Cliff

\"Yes,I look back with um … well … fondness would not be entirely accurate or nearly truthful … at my first blog posts.I decided one day (okay, it was a few years back now and you know I have a dreadful memory. Perhaps I decided over the course of a few days. Or months. Maybe a year. Don\’t judge) to start writing. I didn\’t have a bestseller book idea in mind and after a random search of the Interwebz found this neat thing called blogging. I signed up to follow a few blogs in my genres of interest and started writing for prompts.Good times.However, not great writing.Nonetheless, the current question of the week has us engaging in our zero moment. I could describe it here for you, but why would I bore you thusly when the ever effervescent Gabriela has it covered so well?

The hardest step in your creative development is the \”zero moment,\” the point where you go from doing nothing to doing something. The distance between the zero moment and being a newbie is far greater than the distance between newbie and pro, yet rarely does anyone celebrate this pivotal, important step.

How fabulous is that?The thing is, there isn\’t just one zero moment: we have them all the time. I have a bunch of pages sitting just below the screen where these words appear as I type. I have at least two zero moments right there. I started finding cleaning my garage a couple of months ago: this morning (and in a little bit) will be another zero moment when I get back to it.But I digress, sort of. Zero moments, those times when we say \’Gosh darn it! I need to write this and write it I shall, now!\’ are some of the best ever. Yet, as Gabriela pointed out, we do little to celebrate them.If I might be so bold, we get bogged down on how many times we got stuck or succumbed to resistance or just folded up all the crinkled pages we started writing on and shove them in a drawer. We convince ourselves that no one but Aunt Gladys will be thrilled with our writing, and that\’s because she\’s also our godmother. Godmothers love everything, even when they hate it. And we know that.Today is the day to get those crinkled pages, roll up our sleeves, and rejoice at how fabulous the ideas were/are. Once we finish doing our happy idea dance, let\’s sharpen our quills, find new papyrus, and get scribing.It\’s a new zero moment.Go ahead, step off that cliff and fly.Your words will carry you.Oh! Most importantly is the fact that you don\’t need to do it alone. Check out a text that can guide you along the way by clicking here …

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