The Gratefulness Getaway 3

I suppose we all were shocked to hear what happened to basketball player Kobe Bryant and the others aboard the helicopter weekend before last.

As I mentioned in my last Getaway post, I had flown to Phoenix for work. I am home now, safe and sound.


I am grateful to have had a safe flight home. I was exhausted and pretty much the last thing I remember was the plane accelerating down the runway. The next thing I knew, we were about to land.


I am grateful for the people and animals that make up the larger portion of my pack. They make me smile, daily.

And there you have it. Short and sweet today. I could say more, like I’m grateful for a new program I got and am about to dive into, but this wasn’t meant to be one of my usual geeky posts. I’ll save that for another day.

For today, I wish you peace and gratitude. For the bigger things.

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