Revisiting Some Favorite Faces


I might be a little bigger than I was when the Don’t Eat That! blog post was written.

A couple years ago, I wrote a blog post with info about things you shouldn’t feed your canine family members. The post also included other tips from the site, The Goody Pet.

One thing that was missing was comfort info.

If you have a dog, large or small, you probably spend far too much on food, treats, clothes, leashes, collars, and maybe even mats and beds. Just like us, many dogs (or is it just mine?) like to lay on or under blankets. But what sort of blanket is best for them?

The answer is simple: It depends.

If you aren’t sure how to pick a good bed cover for your canine, give Your Dog Advisor a look-see. They have gone to great lengths to do all the work for you — the guide to deciding on a pet blanket is super-detailed. Curious about fluffy or fleece pet blankets? Have an allergic four-legger or a Tasmanian Devil who chews up every dog blanket you buy? The Best Dog Blanket guide at Your Dog Advisor’s website has you covered (see what I did there?), with info to address every question you could think of. Check it out!


I’m still beautiful, just like I was when a little girl.

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