What Matters

California is burning.


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Not just California but much of the northwest.

I was in bed, eyes open, a couple of nights ago, thinking about what I would want to save from this house should it be threatened by fire, in no specific order.

  • Photo albums: my son’s baby photos, the albums with my mom, dad, grandmother, and me as a baby.

  • My computer and some other tech.

  • The print copy of my will.

  • Several small antique trinkets that have personal meaning to me.

  • Pet food (and pets of course).

  • My beloved.

There might have been a few other things but that pretty much covered it.

After, I thought about all the things I wouldn’t bring. I envisioned returning to find a heap of ash where this house stands now. I imagined how I’d feel …

And I didn’t feel much.

I paused to consider what matters.

Shame it takes fire for that.

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