New Horizons, or Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Only Bowie will do

It’s an almost rainy Saturday afternoon and Bowie’s ‘ch-ch-ch-ch’ came to my mind.

I just finished organizing my works-in-progress. What had happened was, I had an epiphany about creating a spreadsheet with all my current projects, their genres and wordcounts, titles, loglines, and info listed with their last ‘worked-on’ date. Sure, I have a folder with all these beauties but having this list will make a conversation with my future agent much easier.

My space epic is nearing 40,000 words and I’ve almost reached the end of the first section. Two more like this by November and I’ll have completed the first draft. I have a little more than 5,000 words on a fantasy piece that I think will make a good novella that may be next to bat, but there’s a three-part novel that has over 50,000 words to it already with one part completed that is vying to get back in front of me.

It’s a good problem to have, having several potential dance partners after the current one — a tall, thick beauty — has moved on.

And then there’s the new bread maker in the kitchen.

There was a certain sliced bread that my husband and I absolutely loved that seemed to have gone the way of the dodo. That, and the ever-increasing costs of good bread made the idea of building our own loaves a no-brainer. The first attempt, completed a mere hour or so ago was an abysmal failure. What turned out of the machine was a tasteless but good-smelling brick of horror. Not to be dissuaded, I dumped a new batch of ‘gredients into it and set it to work a second time. I’m concerned that this second attempt might yield another brick, which will cause me to be even more interested in doing it again.

Let’s not forget the changes I made to my computer screen backgrounds.

I work with three screens on my primary machine and have a program that allows me to set different backgrounds on each. The problem is that the program is a bit wonky: the image on the first and second screen sometimes swap, without warning. One day I turn things on and the images are as they should be and the next, the picture from Monitor 1 is where the picture for Monitor 2 should be. I discovered that I can set the backgrounds directly through the OS, which loads properly and quickly.

When I turned off the program, I also lost a large clock and a program that allowed me to monitor CPU use. I replaced it with a cool sidebar gadget.

It feels like something new is on the horizon.

I’m still struggling with sadness over my mom’s death last November and my boy dog Woola’s death about three weeks ago tomorrow. My mom was sick for about two years and I had my up’s and down’s over that period. Conversely, I’ve spent nearly every day with my Woola for the past 10 years and have watched my 11-year-old girl dog hunt for him. When I go out the door and come back, she looks for him to come behind me, her ears up like question marks as she silently asks me to bring him home.

Telling her I can’t is hard.

But even with all that, I think there are good days ahead for me and for my writing.

I just hope my days are better than these loaves of horror bread …

Andree Koehler is a writer and academic. She uses several noms de plume, so you never know who she'll be when she arrives at the party.

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