New Digs

Have you ever been somewhere and things were just … off?

You know that thing where you look at the door out of the corner of your eye because it might be crooked.

Or you squint while looking at the picture on the wall because the person in it might have moved an inch to the left since the last time you walked by..

Yeah. All of that.


It may look like a mansion, and it is … or was …

Things were a bit off at the old Cave.

If you check the archives, there have been goings on since 2012. It’s amazing to me that I’ve had my own domain for that long!

Seven year itch, perhaps?


For all that time, the Cave was an unusual little place on the WordPress map. It’s since migrated to Squarespace. I’m not sure if it seems that different to you, but it is certainly different from this side of the glass. I’d be happy to regale my fellow tech nerds with extended posts about site architecture, DNS, and the woes of importing, but I’ll save that for another time.

Suffice it to say, the welcome mat is now officially out.

Feel free to lemme know what you think?

And don’t be surprised if it looks different the next time you’re in the neighborhood. The theme might change. Or not. Who knows?

Come back again soon, hey?

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