Must Be the Music: Day Eighteen

Figured I’d take it down a notch since we’re fast approaching the end of this 20-day musical journey.

There was a late-70s(?) band called Japan, who were part of the UK androgynous New Romantic era sound. Lead singer David Sylvian went on to his own solo career and in the early 1980s, had several albums.


In my radio station days, any cash I received that wasn’t earmarked for school-related things like bus fare (eventually gasoline for my car) or parking went to music. I went into extreme debt, shopping at Cheap Thrills Record Store (shout out to 382 George Street, New Brunswick! Not sure who’s in the photo, but that’s definitely the store … I spent several chilly nights, awaiting a midnight sale that was just for us, the crazy bunch associated with WRSU).


But I digress.

The box set of Mr. Sylvian’s work visited various CD players over the years; the ethereal sounds are great for rainy or snowy work days. I still have the box and the CDs, although I think a couple discs are scattered about the house or in the car … One album not in this disc set is Gone to Earth, but I have it. I likely played the grooves off (or whatever the sound holders on a CD are called).

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