Forever and Several Days, Yeah?

Well hey!

If you thought yourself a regular follower of this space, it is true … I am not a visibly regular writer.

I stated that purposefully because I do post more frequently on a private page in this blog to a small group. I keep the pages private because the subject matter is specific to us.

Yes it’s true: I belong to multiple packs.

Know that I haven’t forgotten you though. Here’s the deal.


I’m with you, fella … Meme courtesy

Truth is, I wasn’t in the best of spaces, even prior to this pandemic business. I decided to hibernate more than usual. I wasn’t sleeping well. I’ve developed additional aches and pains (a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel symptoms, or both). I’ve been cooking and baking. I’ve been working.

I’ve also been empty.

I decided I was tired of carrying all that I’ve been carrying … some of which has been on my emotional back for more than 25 years. I enlisted the support of a counselor. She’s just what I need right now in that she’s helping me process my way out of hibernation.

To give you a hint about how it’s going, I’m writing again. With excitement.

I attended a virtual writer’s conference last weekend, at the end of which attendees had the opportunity to send a sample query to an agent — yes, a real agent — for feedback. I realized that I liked what I’d written in my sample query; so much so that I decided to incorporate the ideas there into my manuscript. I have a goal of completing it before the year is out. I’d like to send a ‘real’ query to an agent. Or several. I want to further the various works I have tucked away in electronic and handwritten draft form and have someone fight for them, besides me.

And that’s part of the whole counseling thing as well. I’m tired of fighting to find where I fit inside my own head. I’m a few sessions in (we meet every two weeks) and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I’m grateful for a good match; I was worried when I started looking that I wouldn’t find someone who could ‘get’ me and would just give me a bunch of ‘from the textbook’ responses. My counselor is a real person and has not only been willing to get into the weeds with me. She’s been willing to help me cut my way out.

For those who have hung in there with me over the years, thank you. I hope you’ll stick around for a while longer.

I’ll pop back here again, and soon. Really. And hopefully with a manuscript update in tow.

Stay healthy and stay smart. Peace.

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