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3 November: Old But Not Out

Aches and pains do not stop my show. One day, I will have a stylish walking stick and will stroll-hobble to my hovercar. I will continue to pilot myself, even after those who are infants today are little more than dust. When I squint at products on store shelves, other patrons will call me \’mummy\’ behind my back and I will smile. No Guinness Book record, just the joy of long life.\"\"

4 Comments on “3 November: Old But Not Out

  1. If you have to end up using a cane, why not get one with flames and skulls on it like Doctor Gregory House! Hopefully hovercars will be automatic and you can let them take you to your destination and have a nice nap on the way. I think future progress is going to exist just so that we can take more naps as we get older, at least that’s what I hope it is building towards 🙂

    1. Ha! Maybe a Gandalf staff instead … While working today, I binge watched a show called The Cool Kids; it’s about a group of seniors in a retirement facility who get into all sorts of shenanigans. My first thought: That will be me and several of my friends! I posted about it on my regular FB feed.

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