Sleepy-Eyed Sister Sort of Monday

The crackle, etc., of the Rice Krispies did not wake me.I stayed up far too late.Confession: I could have gone to be earlier but #GameOfThrones, right? I had to see it. But I got a call from one of my adopted sisters who I hadn\’t actually spoken with in over a year, which delayed the mayhem-watching for about three hours.I guess I could stop saying I am an only child since I have been blessed with multiple \’play\’ or adopted siblings over the past almost 50 years. There are several who have been part of my life for nearly all that time and a scant few who have been added since I moved to the west coast 10 years ago.I don\’t know if it\’s a back east thing but not talking does not mean we are not talking. It\’s just a thing. Eons may pass and then one or the other dials. The call lasts late into the night as the two catch up on everything — children, other family members, health — which sometimes means multiple calls because the handset dies, the mobile disconnects, whatever. It\’s like a similar call had taken place just last week. The ringing off always includes \’Love you!\’ and the next eon begins.I appreciate these adopted relatives because they fill the void of blood family. I have no siblings by birth. My dad had no siblings that I am aware of as he was adopted and his records do not identify any. My mother has three brothers, one of whom had no children; that uncle\’s wife\’s children have seen me maybe twice in 35 years. My eldest uncle has three children and my youngest uncle has one, plus his second wife\’s daughter. That makes a total of five cousins, seven if you count my middle uncle\’s wife\’s two. I saw the four cousins by birth, three years ago at my grandmother\’s funeral. Before that, I cannot recall … I think it was at my dad\’s funeral, 23 years ago.See?Without the adopted siblings, it would be a lonely trek on this rock. I will go to the gym this morning and look like I am trying to recover from a weekend bender; my eyes are half-lidded with a desire for sleep. I might close my eyes while I ride the recumbent or walk the treadmill. Whatever.If you see me smiling, it\’s because I am grateful for last night\’s laughter. Yes, the Creator does have a goofy sense of humor. Just look at me and my crazy life if you need proof.Make it a good Monday, loves.

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