Very Super-suspicious, Pt. 1 – A Dr. Seuss Epiphany

Warning: if you are prone to getting your britches in a bind when you read stuff that challenges your personal sensibilities, this may not be the post for you.In other news, hey, Monday: how you doin?On my morning walk today, I had an epiphany. It\’s been a while, but this was certainly a great one: what if the Creator of the universe is the real Dr. Seuss?\"\"Now, don\’t be nutty. I don\’t mean that the dude who wrote all the kids books is God or anything, but that maybe he had a more spiritual eye that came from the Creator.\"ImageNow that I purposely slow down on my walks, I have time to be more philosophical than usual. I take them early in the morning, before the day has had a chance to wear me down; I\’ve considered taking some, er, medication prior to my walks to maybe enhance my chill. But some might think I\’m already chill enough without that, considering this present and other epiphanies.But back to this matter of the Creator.

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Look at all the weird shapes, colors, and combinations that live right near me. Nice, right? It was all this and more that made me ponder the Creator and all this great stuff. In a Seuss-like world, the beings that live there are generally happy (don\’t even bring up the Grinch; he had issues but managed to get over them in the end) and don\’t bother one another (except when necessary … or fun …). As I walked, I encountered happy animals and happy people. Babies smiled, older ladies and I talked about the impending heat, dogs trotted with their tails high and tongues out. Even the swarm of bees I walked beneath at one point on my journey were too happy with their bounty to notice me. There was not a frown in the world.And I think the Creator was happy about that. Because happiness is good, isn\’t it?I was hoping to see the Lorax today so I could thank him and tell him that I too love the trees. Were there other Seussians about, I could have told them how much I loved the weird bulldog-pitbull that came snorting out of his driveway at me, all slobber and cropped ears, his face too smooshed in to bark. I could have told them how much I loved the idea of the Hobbit holes I spotted in two different places (which were probably inhabited by something much less interesting but that\’s my story today and I\’m stickin\’ to it).\"\"\"\"There was enough natural love in the universe this morning to (hopefully) sustain me during this very full work week to come. Because I\’ll need it, along with one of those Hobbit holes to hide in I am sure before it\’s all said and done. But in the meantime, spread the love. Because I suspect the ultimate Dr. Seuss would be happy if you did.

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