A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Amazon …

No, not that Amazon — the one that sells everything.Yeah, that one.So a couple years ago, my book After was published. Fast forward to now and the publishing agreement is done, which means I was set free to publish it as I saw fit. However, since I have advertisements out there (shelf cards and all), I didn\’t want to wait. So I put it back out there myself. Take a visit to my \’The Quill Has Landed\’ page and click on the cover.Then I remembered: yeah, the shelf cards … that had a QR code and link.That needed to be changed.Sigh.I managed to change the QR code to point to the re-published paperback, but the short URL was a bust. Can\’t change them.If that link is visited, whaddya know — there\’s still at least one copy of the previous version out there.For $199.99.Yes.\"\"How \’bout that?Anyway, the ebook version should be available again soon as well. Onward and upward!

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