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Deblog 17: Differences

\"Image This was a wonderful documentary. While the story behind Mr. Spock is what I was expecting, Adam Nimoy did so much more. He told the story of his dad. The man. It gave a glimpse into the personage of Leonard Nimoy.One thing that jumped out was Adam\’s discussion about how proud his dad was of his deciding to go to law school. More importantly was his dad\’s pride when Adam decided that he didn\’t want to be an attorney for the rest of his life. What was great about that moment was that Leonard Nimoy indicated that a person should do what makes them happy (to paraphrase).What struck me about that later on was how Mr. Nimoy continued on toward stardom, despite the dismay of his parents. It wasn\’t that he went against their wishes (even though his description suggests they were very sad about his choice of career) but that he was determined to do as he felt led.How many times are we dissuaded from doing what we believe we were built to do because of others?Not all of us were meant to follow the ordinary path.Some of us are different.I am proud to count myself in that number.Although it is more common these days to work from home, there are some who find what I do to be quite off the path. They believe I am living the artist\’s life of suffering and that if I got a \’regular\’ job at a \’regular\’ university, all would be well.But for whom?I would be miserable.Don\’t get me wrong — I\’ve done the brick-and-mortar thing and it was fine for a while. However, I need my solitude during the day, in my own space. Now, I am able to do things like write or post on this blog in between grading papers or meetings with faculty members and students.I get their concern, particularly when I need to pay a bill and struggle to do so.But this journey called life is about more than money.There will be bills long after we\’ve Crossed Over.In the meantime, I plan to enjoy what I do. Just like Mr. Nimoy, if I can help it. \"blogidays2016\"\"dblog\" 

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