#OperationFindTheGarage Photos

I made an executive decision: the project, she is finito. Done. Ended.I originally had in mind this plan to park an¬†actual car in the garage, but after further consideration¬†decided this was not an appropriate goal. After all, I have books! Sound stuff! A stand-up freezer! A cat! Who needs a car added to that muck? At some point as I add to my fleet (currently the fleet contains two vehicles — gotta start somewhere, right?), I will have room for that three-wheeled motorcycle in there.Two wheels give me agita if I am solely responsible for keeping them (and myself) upright. It\’s a balance thing … but I digress.I indicated that I would post photos of #OperationFindTheGarage and here they are for your nausea entertainment:\"20160606_080531\" \"20160606_080533\" \"20160606_080536\" \"20160712_072410_hdr\" \"20160613_162044\" \"20160719_090734\" \"20160802_091754\" \"20160719_090729\" \"20160806_075032\" \"20160806_075052_hdr\" \"20160806_075044_hdr\"And there you have it. I can move about, find stuff, and enjoy this extra room in my home.Life is good.

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