Guest Post is Live at #DIYMFA!

Howdy! While the earlier part of this week was fraught with weirdness, today has turned a corner. Not only have I been quite productive (and dare I say giddy — is that unbecoming of a Cave Mistress such as myself?), I have a publisher and agent who have placed the query on Knowing Abbie in their \’to be reviewed\’ pile! Not an acceptance, but closer than an outright \’no\’. I\’ll take it!However, potential giddiness aside, I have a better reason to interrupt your Friday: I have a guest post on Gabriela\’s DIYMFA page today! I have been honored to be part of her Street Team and was beyond thrilled to have been asked to post, so how could I not share with all my cavelings? Here\’s a link, so be sure to pop in and comment. Oh — and even better, be sure to pick up a copy of DIYMFA for yourself!

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  1. I wasn’t able to get google to let me comment over at the DIY-MFA site, but here’s what I wrote (if it had):”Thanks for pointing me to your guest-post, Andreé. It’s fascinating not only to see someone make the case, so to speak, for getting an MFA but to then also go on and share what they’ve learned so that others can reap at least some of the knowledge and experiences that someone with an MFA in writing degree has. It seems to me that this enforces rather well the idea that there is not just one path to achievement in the art and business of writing.”

    1. Thanks, Leigh! Sorry for the delayed response. For some reason, I’m missing notifications of late. Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope at some point you’ll be able to add that comment as it is quite salient to the topic!

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