It Must Be Love

When Madness dropped the song from which the title of this post came, I quickly made my way to the nearest vinyl emporium  (where are my Rio Mall nerds? I know you\’re out there) and purchased the 45 RPM. I played it until I wore the grooves off.\’re welcome for that pleasurable little jaunt down musical memory lane. And if you were uninitiated to the fabulousness of Madness, you\’re also welcome.But I digress.If you\’ve been following along lately, you have probably noticed that I have been on an anime kick. It\’s Amazon\’s fault, with their 30-day trial of Prime. I have some films in my queue but haven\’t watched a single one because the anime series are all wonderful.In addition to the eventual price of Prime, such enjoyable viewing comes at a steeper price: I am reminded every time I watch an episode that I can\’t turn to my Christopher and chat him up about the show.Which brings me to the 11 episode series I just finished last night.I would love to blame the tears I shed on the red onions from my salad, but alas, I had that just prior to starting this post. Last night\’s dinner of cereal and toast was not the culprit as much as I\’d like to lie and say they were.Natsuyuki Rendezvous is an eternal love story. Click the link for a synopsis. While it seems to focus on the story of 22-year old Hazuki, who has fallen in love with Rokka, there is so much more to it. The ghost of her three-year\’s-deceased husband has stayed around and Hazuki can see him. Their exchanges are hilarious — I mean, laugh like Rosanne Bar hilarious, with your mouth wide open. It\’s worth watching just for that!\"TheBut it\’s the deeper discussions of Rokka\’s love for Shimao, her deceased husband, and his love for her. It gets complicated when she feels she can\’t move forward and love someone else, or that anyone else would fall in love with her. Hazuki is willing to do whatever it takes, even to the point of accepting that he would always hold second place in her heart.\"ShimaoShimao Left for the Great Beyond (sort of …) after an extended illness. No spoilers, but to hear and watch the dialogue between him and Rokka during his time in hospital was in many ways similar to conversations my Christopher and I had over the last year. He shared his desires for me once he had Gone and I fussed. He only brought it up a couple of times and watching this series made me think about those exchanges.

What an abrupt stillness … silence … fatique … a long sleep … no more pain … Men of Metal, destroy the Door of Time … please don\’t leave me … don\’t abandon me … help me … wait for me … [snippets of dialogue from \’Light Years\’ movie, beginning at about 1:12:00 through 1:13:00]

Shimao\’s comments toward the end of the series made me also remember the tone of Georges Wilson\’s voice (the creature, Métamorphe) as he said \’Wait for me\’ in the movie, \’Light Years\’. If you click the film link, you\’ll go right to the part I mean.I think of Christopher and can\’t imagine that he\’s somewhere, pining over me. There are too many things for him to do in Heaven, too many people to see, (these days) too many musicians to play with. And of course, there\’s the heavenly worship experience to consider. I hope he remembered to go to the library and find the Apostle Paul to give my regards as well.I\’ll be along, but I regret to say I pray it won\’t be quite directly as I would like to see a bit more of this weird world so when I do get There, I\’ll have a lot to share …

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