FAQs …

Here are some Do\’s and Don\’ts to consider 🙂

– A P12 community is like Vegas: what is said here, stays here, meaning that we will not carry a prayer request or items that are shared outside the group.

– The idea of a Power of 12 (P12) community is to be supportive. We will likely encounter discussion topics or ideas that we don\’t agree with: however, we must first agree to disagree in a kind way.

– We are all at different places on the journey of life; we are here to learn from one another, so no question is a \’dumb\’ question!

– Please remember that this space isn\’t designed to make anyone do anything. Ideally, we will connect each week. I will email you privately or send a Facebook message to get your prayer requests and praise reports, but we can’t be a community if folks don’t connect with anyone but me 🙂

– If you would like to have a private conversation with me or anyone else in the group, post to them and let\’s make arrangements. We can also plan a video chat at some point as people would like!

Let\’s share and grow together!

About me, Why this group, and about you!

About me:

Hey, everybody! It is likely you already know me, but in case you don\’t, my name is Andree and I am a member of the Way World Outreach in San Bernardino, CA.

Like so many, I am on a continuous journey that won\’t end until as my Mom-mom used to say, I close my eyes for the last time (on this side of heaven). I have often been lax in maintaining fellowship: by that I mean that while I have over the years become more a part of a faith community, I didn\’t build ties. I didn\’t feel like I fit in. I didn\’t call the members of my church family my friends. In other words, I celebrated or suffered alone.

Our senior pastor at The Way, Marco Garcia, shared something really powerful:

  • if the mission we are given as Christ-followers is to make disciples (or to encourage others to follow), the first step is that we must be disciples (or we must follow) someone.

  • there are two important questions that we must then answer: 1) who is discipling me? and 2) who am I discipling?

Note: this isn\’t exactly about leaders and followers …

In some ways, we all disciple one another (one of our Weekly Power Ups will be about that …), but at some point, we have to recognize a need to hear from a person who has been places we haven\’t and who has information we don\’t. We then can take what they share and pass it on.

It is from that premise that Pastor Marco encouraged us to be disciples (follow someone). I am in a P12 group that meets on Sundays; I am being discipled by Marcia Waggoner, and spend an hour or so each week with a group of incredible women who I learn a great deal from. While I have known Marcia and several of the other women from other contexts, all have become very important to me over a short period of time.

It is my hope that you all will remain part of my P12 and that we can learn and grow together as well. It is my hope that you will develop your own P12 group someday, share with others to create your own fellowship, and grow a community 🙂

Now, about you!

Please add a comment to the page and tell us who you are!

 What is The Power of 12?

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