Time Flies


Photo courtesy: Dr. Jamie Long

I had no idea it had been this long since I\’d stopped by to leave a trail of words on this page.

If you\’ve been on the journey with me, you\’ve likely seen the various deserts I\’ve come back from — writing deserts, that is, where nothing beyond the occasional academic piece were developed.

This last desert has been one of a different kind — I have been writing, and more than academics. More on that one day, maybe. Well, here\’s a hint:

  • I continue to offer pieces for the Lifespan collection.
  • I\’ve written and submitted two (or was it three?) fiction pieces for publication.
  • I wrote and submitted one academic piece for publication.
  • I had a great long form idea and put that aside to dig deep on a different long form piece, which has gone quite well, despite the intervening short pieces and other ideas.
  • I\’ve had several other short form pieces in mind but have not been satisfied to complete them yet. I think I like some of the characters better than the stories they were part of at the start.

Beyond all that, I also moved cross-country at the end of July. It\’s lovely to be back East, with rainy and foggy days, green grass, leaves of all colors everywhere, and groups of deer who wander from yard to yard, including mine.

I\’ve also spent a good bit of time reading, which I thoroughly enjoy.

I also have another blog that I\’ve been neglecting, but I hope to spend more time over there because my current and future fiction works will be written under that moniker. I recently tweeted a question about blogging, because I\’ve lost my zeal for it quite a bit. Yet, having had a small epiphany the other day, I think I may give that other blog a bit more attention. We\’ll see.

In the meantime, I will do something here that I\’ve not done before, which is to close this post by indicating that I\’m likely taking a bit of haitus to — as the name of this space suggests — smell the gnu blooms of my new environs and attend to all these wonderful writing ideas, with the goal of finally attaining some semi-pro or pro paid opportunities so I can join the ranks of those in SFWA.

To dream a little dream means taking rests, and this is mine.

It is not farewell, but see you later, yeah?

If you feel like you\’ll miss me, you are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter, where I poke around more often (especially under my newer profile).

Rest assured, if you\’d rather just wait to cheer for me when I get those publications, I\’ll be updating that page for sure.


See you out there.

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