• Non-fiction

    Entrusted to My Care

    I believe Christopher would have said something like, Why are you surprised? It\’s nothing new. It\’ll be all right.After various runs-around, today was the day I was to be given my Christopher\’s ashes. The person I have been working with at the mortuary described it as when they \’entrust him to my care.\’Based on the process, I would say they weren\’t \’given\’ to me.I had to call, ask, cajole, near-demand, show up, provide identification, and sign.I sat in the room, waiting.The young woman on duty (? — the front desk people seem like they are guarding the premises) brought in a…

  • faith

    Pit Bull Faith

    No, I don\’t mean this one:I meant one of these:There are a number of wonderful messages being shared each day. Perhaps I am partial to my own faith folks (who isn\’t?), but today\’s message by Pastor Eric Jarmon was on Luke 11 and it was not to be missed.His pre-sermon comment stuck with me: The devil comes after the shepherd to scatter the sheep. That\’s Biblical but it\’s life, every day. When someone (like the head of the house) passes on, some people scatter. Their lives never look the same. They lose faith.As if the shepherd was the source of…

  • Family

    The world has dimmed

    Did you notice and wonder why?The light of my days and nights has stepped through the Door and into Eternity.They say his heart was weakened and could no longer do its job, but the truth is that the Lord needed him more.The stars will shine brighter tonight and always. These are the words I offer at this moment. My husband, my Christopher, left this existence today. I am emptied out and await the Lord\’s refill of my spirit.I know you all love us, we love you, and I will update you as the days move forward.