Rejection Regeneration

Rejection Regeneration

So, Paramount+ has \’The Stand\’ series.

No, this post isn\’t about the whole thing going on with Johnny Depp right now. It\’s about the character who was a writer. At one point, he and the female character he was really into talk about the time she told him to save his rejection letters.

This is about rejection, about the emails (for those of us who make electric submissions) we\’ve gotten that start with something like \’While we appreciate your submission …\’ and end with something like \’We welcome you to submit in the future\’, with words that mean \’we will absolutely not publish that\’ in between.

These pieces sit in a folder (for me) and even though the places that I\’ve sent them don\’t want them, I am tired of having them go away, to a dark and dusty corner of the e-universe of my making.

I\’ve decided to not hang up my rejection letters but instead regenerate what was rejected by posting it here.

I\’m not here to make you read the words. I\’m just here to write them. Read, or don\’t — it\’s okay either way.

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