Prep for #RealTalkTuesdays

Well, hey howdy. It\’s been a minute, huh?

I guess you\’re used to that now. I come and I go. I post and vanish.

It\’s a way of being.

I\’ve been working, volunteering, and oh yeah — working. I started with the Employment, Career, and Entrepreneur Ministry at church and also the Prison Ministry. I am now responsible for oversight of the Prison Pen Pals Program, where we write to those who are dealing with incarceration. Others in the ministry go to visit the prisons and there is a rule that if you write, you can\’t visit (and vice versa). Like I tell my colleagues, I am not fond of going into a locked space for which I have no key, so writing it is for me.

I\’m back at the gym. Well, a different gym. Again. This one has hydrotherapy beds, full body enhancement (which is a fancy machine for working your muscles to build strength and tone), and massage chairs. I use them (often all three of them) after my workouts. I\’ve managed to flex my work scheduled a little so I can go three times a week.

I wrote a short story and sent it to a journal. It\’s speculative fiction, of course.

I applied for and got approval to do some research through the university where I work. I\’ll probably start that in the late summer, like July or August.

And then there\’s this: an idea I have for a weekly post that I\’ve decided to call Real Talk Tuesdays (via hashtag, of course. Make it trend, y\’all). There\’s been several things that have caused me to think about how we don\’t spend enough time, telling full truth. We work very carefully to say the right things but through it all, the meanings are lost. Some of these topics can be a bit sticky, but without truth, the world becomes fiction.

We can\’t have that.

So, I\’m here to do my part. Strap in and join me, won\’t you?

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