Day 13

Jeremiah 3:12

I watched a movie not too long ago. It wasn\’t about this but part of the story was of a woman who helps her husband change his view of the world by forgiving him: he cheated on her, she found out, and essentially told him they were going to work it out. They did and had an amazing life.

He stepped out of their marriage because something was missing, or at least that\’s how it seemed; it didn\’t look like the two of them had much in common, they didn\’t really talk to each other anymore. 

Is that the trap some of us fall in with our faith walk? It seems like something is missing — we aren\’t getting all the joy, peace, etc. etc. that it seems we were promised? In fact, does it seem like some of that stuff we might have had before stepping on the Path is gone after we do so?

That\’s the argument some people give for walking away from the Path or saying it isn\’t for them. It is interesting that we will fight, tooth and nail, for ordinary stuff we want but once the going gets a little tough in relation to a system of belief or way of life, we dash and say that\’s not what we signed up for.

But no matter what sort of shenanigans we get up to, the Creator doesn\’t try to rip up the contract. The Creator says that we can work it out. The Creator loves us anyhow.

Humbling …

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    1. Who is the recipient of insult? It seems that both people would be recipients of peace in a way. I do get that if one person forgives the other and the one forgiven sees it as an opportunity to go out and do it again and again, the forgiver could feel insult though.

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