Day 18 and 17

Colossians 3:17


Proverbs 16:24

I\’ve begun to try harder at having a personal life that does not include my workspace. I try not to turn on the computer, which, with my eyesight these days, is the only device I want to use to write. The strain from attempting write on my phone is just about the worse way I could spend my time … Chances are, I will share weekend musings two days at a time.

I would love to think that the grace and mercy extended to me by the Creator and others is in part what influenced my decision (Num 6:25-26) but it\’s probably more in recognition of not extending grace to others as often as I should (Prov 16:24). 

How much effort do I put to appreciating things or people? How much joy do I take in the blue of the sky, the chirp of a bird, the space I inhabit, the smile on my loved one\’s face? It is so easy to put the blinders on, lower my fingers to the keyboard, and begin each day in the office with grumbles about the things that bother me that I miss out on joy.

Giving grace and extending gratitude as an outlet for that which I have received is another matter: if I cook a nice meal, is that an expression of my gratitude to others in the house? Sure, but I need to get better at saying I\’m grateful in less obscure ways.

It is good to have goals …

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