Day 21

For 21 days, there will be a journey …

Yesterday was day 21. 

Psalm 27:4

What is my One Thing? Can I honestly say I have a heart like David\’s, to seek only that which the Creator has for me? Or, since we are family, might I admit more selfish endeavors?


I would try to point judgmentally at my own shortcomings, my human frailty, or some such, but — since we are family, I can tell you — it\’s deeper and more raw than that.

Where one finger points, three more come back at me.

I spend inordinate amounts of time, describing the speck in my brother\’s or sister\’s eyes and can\’t begin to identify the length, breadth, or weight of the plank in my own.

Yes, it is me, all me. In sum: I am greedy, selfish. I think not enough of the things of Heaven and want the creature comforts of Earth.


I am learning to ask in my daily prayers for wisdom. Having wisdom is the beginning to so much more. I am learning to ask the Creator what it is I am to do today, how am I to shine through that Glory, how am I to show others what it is that I have been gifted.

Because that is the whole point. Well, maybe not in total: I am to live out my belief. I am to love my brothers and sisters. There\’s more, but those are the core. I fall woefully short each day, but thankfully the Creator loves me enough to keep with me, to continue to walk alongside me on the Path of life.

I cheat: I ask not for One Thing each day but two. I want wisdom — I want to have the words, all the words, at the right time and in the right place, together in the right way. I also want to know what I can do today to be better than I was yesterday to bring more kindness, caring, and joy. From these, I pray to be given even more than I could ever ask or imagine …

4 Comments on “Day 21

  1. It is the most amazing thing, that God still bothers with us, even when we fail Him at every turn. Praise His Holy Name for the grace He shows us every minute of every day.

  2. self loathing is just one of the things that I dislike about religion. I think we can be the best we can be without having to beat ourselves up about it. Hang in there. I think you’re pretty awesome.

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