A Twit Once More

It\’s not what you think.

So, several months ago I deleted my Twitter account. A trusted friend shared that she had been harassed by a follower and when she attempted to make him stop (in the kindest way possible, I might add — note that this friend is not from Jersey like yours truly or things would have gone down much differently. You would still be reading about my tirade … but I digress), she was reprimanded by the site.

I read more about how women were being treated on and by the Twitter and decided I wanted none of that. It was the start of my avoidance of all things I put in either the \’completely uncool\’ or \’so not chill\’ category. I was growing exceedingly weary of the negativity on social media and what better way to avoid it than not being able to read it.

However, as time has gone on, I\’ve come to realize how integrated this darned Twitterverse is. There are companies whose helpdesk is Twitter-dependent. There are sites that can only be accessed with a Twitter handle. There are writers, musicians, and commentators who only use Twitter for social media. I had deactivated mine and effectively disconnected myself from those sites and people.

I continued to stay away but two days ago, I made myself anew. I am again a Twit, like so many others. 

I will be selective in who and what I follow.

Yes, I will subject myself to some of the ills of the world: after all, I need to know what\’s in the news. 

But my goal is to explore music, art, and literature primarily — the things that make my heart sing.

If you are still or are planning to join the Twitterverse, feel free to follow. You\’ll find me at @arneal8. Let\’s be Twits together, eh?

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