Careful What I Ask For

Dear Lord: please give me patience!

I can\’t remember if someone told me or if I heard it in a sermon, but the response to this prayer is that God will not grant patience — God will grow it by presenting situations that cause people to exercise it.I\’ve learned that the hard way.I asked (read: begged, groveled, and pleaded) for patience and wondered why I was supremely annoyed almost every day.Ahhhhh … now I get it.I\’ve not done well with the situations in which I must exercise patience, especially those involving other people. Confession: I don\’t play nice with the humans much of the time.It is for this reason that I am grateful for the patience-growing blessing of working remotely.I am able to rant and rave about some email or document without harming anyone. I can draft my responses in a way that does not present me as the yowling yeti I was when I was throwing up my hands, rolling my eyes, and making all sorts of noises about the whatever-it-was that upset me in the first place. If I was in an office, everyone would know that I take issue with at least 10% of my emails and about 80% of the documents I read each day.I am grateful that I can walk away from the screen and put my mobile phone on silent. In those times, I can go for a drive, play with the dogs, watch a movie, or cook a fantastic dinner to let off steam. If I was in an office, I\’d never have an escape from the horror. Or I\’d be in trouble for spending too much time in the employee cafeteria, toilet, or outside if I did choose to escape in some way.If I\’m having a very hard go of it, I can start my day in my pajamas and drink three large cups of coffee before making myself presentable. I can take a day off, not turn on the computer at all, not review anything or read a single work email.I am truly grateful.Just remind me to be careful what I ask for …

4 Comments on “Careful What I Ask For

  1. Working remotely seems like a dream job, but I know it comes with it’s own set of struggles. I do though wish I could land some sort of remote gig. Have a lovely holiday, and a fabulous new year.

    1. Thank you — and you as well! I would say that online work is more readily available in education and tech fields. Remote customer service is also on the increase …

  2. I’m really a patient person – had to be, I used to be a driving instructor – but one thing that will set me yowling like a yeti is technology. Slow computers or internet that keeps crashing for days on end. When that happens, keep out of my way 😮 😀

    1. Oh my, a driving instructor! I would have tested your calm I am sure … Yes — slow tech is a problem. I have a computer for work and it is so much faster than my personal machines, which is distressing because I used to think they were all so fast …

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