Flash Fiction

Don\’t Be a Black Hole – Be a Pulsar

When I was in junior high, I became fascinated with astronomy. I used what I learned in geometry to draw a black hole for science class. I loved all things space …It is said that a black hole is the center of a galaxy. It is strong, in that everything revolves around it. However, anything that gets sucked in doesn\’t come out — even light.Conversely, a pulsar is also magnetic. Things are drawn to it, but it throws out amazing amounts of electromagnetic radiation. We only see it when that beam is pointed to this planet.So what does that have to do with us, with people on this tiny rock that is constantly hurdling through the cold blackness of space?Tons.If we are black holes, everything is about us. We suck the life out of every party. Instead of leaving spaces better, we darken them by our arrival. Nothing is good, nothing survives. The sight of a black hole brings dread and fear.If we are pulsars, we have focus. Our presence, while powerful, is only visible when it is pointed in a specific direction. We are strong, bright, magnetic and a joy to behold.So for this one moment, be a pulsar. And then do it again tomorrow. Before you know it, you\’ll be shining all the time. If not to everyone, at least to those who matter most.

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