Flash Fiction

19 November: The Worst of All

If you\’ve hung in these last few days as I wandered through the film AI, hopefully you\’ve also paused to read the articles and editorials at the photo links.Okay, I\’ll wait….Right — informative, weren\’t they?I would vote for Martin as the worst of all humans. Ever.\"RelatedMartin is the Monica character\’s \’real\’ son. He awakens from a coma(?) and I wondered if he was as horrid prior to ending up in it as he was when he woke up. He is so horrid (how horrid is he?) that the average person might have questioned Monica\’s choice for who to take to the woods …Martin is the worst of us all. How many have been jealous and treated someone else poorly? How many have paraded another in front of friends or colleagues for the express purpose of putting them down? Yeah, Martin.There is a bit of Martin in all of us, as difficult as it is to say that. Perhaps having a bit more David balances us out.

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