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10 November: For Sooth, the Changes

I am nearing the end of the Thomas Covenant series. If you don\’t know it, look up the name. Stephen R. Donaldson is probably to blame for my lack of desire to write more often: I\’ve read Thomas Covenant now and am in the last book of the final series. 

And I feel some type of way about it.

Mr. Donaldson is brilliant (did I say brilliant? I need a stronger word …). The landscapes are large, the beings vivid. He\’s so good, he takes away my desire to write because I could never be that good.

I know, I know — it\’s not about comparisons but we can\’t help it, we writers. Tell the truth if you\’re a writer: you can\’t help yourself — you read stuff and toss your notebooks, tablets, and even the laptop under a pillow for a day (or week. or month).

It\’s what we do.

But I digress. My point was, Donaldson\’s \’for sooth\’ came to mind. It\’s one of my favorite sayings in his book and I\’d like it to fit in every discussion.

The changes are the point.

I watched as the two men tossed the old sectional into the back of a large truck that crushed (read: ate) it. I bought it the first year in SoCal at a yard sale. Who knows how long they\’d had it. 

My life has changed in many ways (many too private to chronicle here, dear reader, so you will have to take my word for it just now) and now there\’s this: I must adjust my leisure seating to accommodate the replacement furniture, a more intimate reclining leather sectional that has been in garage storage since February.

Thus far, the dogs are not amused …

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