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2 November: Holiday Dreams

A couple weeks ago, I had a dream about Friendly\’s restaurant. There used to be one (maybe it\’s still there …) in a shopping mall my mom and I used to visit at the holidays: driving for miles in a circle to find parking; wall-to-wall people, being beat up by passing shopping bags. Getting lunch at Friendly\’s was the highlight of the day. I can\’t remember ever having a bad meal there. And the ice cream was divine. It was a piece of nostalgia to go to the actual not-in-the-mall restaurant with my mom a couple years back.\"\"My dream was a Friendly\’s holiday television commercial.They were advertising pre-order for full-sized bean pies for Thanksgiving. At first, I couldn\’t figure out what was so wrong with the commercial, but then it dawned on me: the pies had top crust. Lattice, full, artistic, different pies danced across the screen of my mind.And then I woke up because no self-respecting bean pie has a lid.

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    1. It is often sold in Black Muslim communities; I used to drive up North Broad in Philadelphia, just to get pies. In fact, several years ago, I went into Philly to do some research at my alma mater’s library and on the way back, parked in the road median strip to buy I think it was five or six individual sized pies. I froze them in my mom’s freezer for the trip back to SoCal. I can make them too, but it’s not the same. If you like pumpkin or sweet potato, it is reminiscent of those flavors. You must have some!

  1. They had lids? What were your dreams thinking? Had they been drinking? 😉 That is a tough one, while a pie lid on something like that would possibly put me off, I am conflicted because it is still pie (even if it is an abomination) and therefore needs to be nommed with extreme haste! 🙂 I think some of my fondest memories are of eating in places, fine dining creates such evocative memories, especially if there is both pie and ice cream involved 🙂

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