Partial Nudity Or …

… how life changes.Got your attention, didn\’t I? You were probably thinking, after reading that headline, that I had been away from this space for such a long time because of an indecent exposure arrest or somesuch. As I don\’t do places with doors I can\’t unlock, that\’s not on my list of things to do.Life changes do sometimes feel like walking down a busy street with the back of your skirt tucked in your knickers though.


My church gives us this great assignment at the end of each year; we are tasked with making a list of things (spiritual, physical, inter-relational, financial, or whatever else) to pray on and to seek the Creator\’s guidance for in the coming year. I procrastinated about two weeks after the initial comment from the leaders about doing so but then, I sat down at the table and wrote out my list. Last time (the end of 2016), I wrote out my list, photocopied it, and tucked it away; we keep a copy and seal a copy in an envelope, give it to the church to hold, and then they pray over the list. I think they are supposed to send it back but I never wait to get the proper envelope that has the church insignia on it and a place for my address. And with my memory, I need a copy right handy so I can be prayerful myself. This year (the end of 2017), I hand-wrote both copies, sealed one in an envelope, and kept one. The list was divided into sections — work, faith, personal. Yeah, deep thought.I was able to date at least one item as complete, even before the new year arrived. I need to add a couple more items that have resolved themselves since 2018 rang in. I am grateful.I have alluded to various changes on my social media thread. One of my friends and colleagues indicated anticipation at waiting for the big reveal.Those who know me also know that I tend to keep my bizness off the block; I don\’t tell what\’s happening in my life too much, except to those who are closest and often they get surprised by the changes I make. I won\’t share the personal stuff here, other than to say that a lot has changed over the past two years — for the good! — and the most recent change and addition to my path in life has broadened it and has filled my heart and home with peace, love, and happiness. Hm … that sounded almost like Don Cornelius\’ closing for Soul Train … I digress.You might be wondering then what I will include in the big reveal.As you may know, my last full-time work ended in 2013. I jumped off the commute-to-an-office hamster wheel and spent the next year or so getting my son situated. I think I have mentioned California\’s Regional Center system, which is in place to provide support services to individuals with certain special needs (like my son, who is on the autism spectrum). For a year or so after that, he went through a more tumultuous time than ever before, to the point that it became apparent he could no longer live in this house. Fortunately, the Regional Center was able to find him a semi-independent living arrangement, where he continues to live and thrive. He is happy and healthy there. During that time as well, I started remotely consulting and freelancing part-time as Christopher began to suffer increased health issues. I became his full-time caregiver until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I have since continued to hustle with several solid adjunct faculty gigs to keep the lights on and food in the dog bowls.However, as of this coming Monday, I will be full-time with my primary university, still doing what I love (working online). I will still need to hustle to keep the lights on and food in the dog bowls because working in education is not a path to large piles of cash. The important change is that I will have medical coverage (something I have struggled to pay out of pocket for the past five years), which has been a primary concern.So there you have it. Or at least a good bit of it. Feel free to lift a glass toward Southern California the next time you take a swig. You know I appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers over the years.More good is coming …<!– 1519419661737 –>

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