NaNoWriMo 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017, Day 13: Squirrel!

\"\"It may be Day 13 in NaNoWriMo time, but for me, it\’s nothing but \’squirrel\’. If you are not familiar, that cute face above belongs to Doug, the dog from the movie Up. He could talk but in his very dog-like way would get distracted by any flitting thing and would utter the word \’Squirrel!\’ as his attentions turned in the direction of whatever it was. It was the way of all the dogs in the film. Go see it straight away — even if you\’ve seen it before, it\’s a good one to repeat if only for Doug. And Kevin, but she\’s another story …So yeah, it\’s been Squirrel Month for me, with this writing. To be honest, the pressure\’s got me a bit glum.[embedyt][/embedyt]


Ah, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie … sigh … loved them both. But the song, oh, the song! Yes — under pressure! I feel like a cloud is following me about, dragging darkness and thunderheads when I don\’t write and bringing sunshine and rainbows when I do.Yet there are so many wonderful distractions. No — not distractions:

So many joyful things!

To wit — Wednesday then it must have been, I dashed out to the market to buy the fixings for my Thanksgiving dish, which meant I had to talk to my friends who work there. I was asked by them and several other customers who I see regularly as well (life at the local carniceria, right?) what time they should arrive for the meal. After a long day Thursday, I then stayed up late to assemble said dish (it\’s one of those things that can be made and frozen for up to a month before cooking). Friday, I made oxtail ragu whilst watching the last few episodes of The Twilight Zone.I went to my volunteer on Saturday morning — we gave out fresh roses to all the women. \’Beautiful flowers for our beautiful ladies\’ was the mantra of the day. So many hugs and smiles from women who don\’t often get complimented. I spent an hour on the archery range after that — if you follow me on social media, you\’ve already been introduced to Zaffe, my bow. Later in the day, I cooked the pasta for the oxtail ragu and spent a lovely evening in conversation and Star Trek Discovery.Wonderful escapes from the daily grind of work.And from writing.I don\’t say this to say I am throwing in the towel for NaNo. It is just the way it is.[embedyt][/embedyt]


I will write as Madam Muse feels of a mind to offer her words. I will cook as the kitchen calls. I will watch speculative fiction (The Outer Limits series is streaming in the background just now). I will visit the archery range (lesson this week and maybe an hour of practice should I get too antsy at the desk). I will have lunch with a dear friend from home this week as well because it\’s good to get a touch of home once in a while. Oh, and I will work. I just got an alert that it\’s double points day from my favorite sandwich shop, so I might flee the confines of the desk to imbibe on tasty goodness. Or not.That\’s just the way it is.How\’s your NaNo?

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