News Ninjas

Wanna be a News Ninja?

I\’ve shared with a few people that I am jumping in (well, maybe \’jumping\’ isn\’t the correct word … sliding in gently might be more like it) to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) again this year. With all the changes in life over the last couple of years it was hard to consider writing X number of words, every day, for a month and come out with something even close to a novel or story collection. But by gum I\’m aimin\’ to do it this year (always wanted a reason to write \’by gum\’. What does that even mean?).In the meantime, I\’m looking to add a colony of collaborators in getting the word out about my stuff. I mean you all are fabulous for tolerating my words here and in the social mediaverse, but what if there was more?\"\"Yes, you too could be a News Ninja — one of that colony of collaborators I mentioned who would have exclusive access to nifty things like free* ARCs of the newest manuscripts (there\’s one coming in January-ish).Pssst — I know you saw the asterisk after the word \’free\’ up there. Don\’t worry. The strings are gossamer, honest.Want to know more?Click here to fill out a short Google form!

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