via me.meYes, this.As individuals, we really aren\’t much of anything. I mean, we are something, but we aren\’t everything. Look at the size of this planet — if you were in an airplane, flying from your nearest airport to the next nearest airport, you would not be able to see yourself from the sky. That\’s how small each of us is in the larger scheme of things.However, you are a lot. I am as well. Each of us is filled to the overflow with greatness.Now, if I were to tell you that you are great and you answered with something like,

Yeah, I am actually. So glad you recognize how incredible I am!

it would be problematic.Because egoism and all that.Remember — you live on the inside of your face (inside your own brain). The rest of us live on the other side of your face (not inside your brain). We see stuff that you probably can\’t. Or maybe don\’t want to see because in the past, what we see as great was diminished, made fun of, or otherwise mushed into the mud by someone you cared deeply about.But I want you to know this day, that I see greatness. Because I\’m on this side of your face and am not the person who mushed it all into the mud that time (or many times) and I know better since I tend to be honest about the vibes I get from people straight away (there\’s a story in there … maybe a post for another day) and wouldn\’t tell you that you had greatness in you if you didn\’t.However, everyone does. Have greatness, that is.Your greatness might be that you are a loving parent, have a wickedly quick wit, be funny as all get-out, have the most analytical mind ever. Your greatness might be that you give the best hugs in this or any other universe. Your greatness might be that you can cook like a ninja (what?!). Your greatness might be that you can bring comfort without even trying. Your greatness might be that you are McGuyver incarnate — give you a roll of duct tape, a crooked screwdriver, a pile of toothpicks, and a hammer and you can build a house. Or it could be all of these.\"\"Have confidence in the greatness I see in you, from this side of your face. And if you need a new equation — with words, because numbers make me twitch most of the time, unless they are preceded by a positive sign in my piggy bank — just ask. I\’ll be happy to come up with one for you.

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  1. Definitely not a giant analytical brain. People think I’m funny – they’re always saying, “Yeah, right…funny.” Hmm maybe that one doesn’t count. Love giving and receiving hugs, can cook without poisoning people, I’ve built a screen door from scratch, I won’t ever be rich — anytime I have extra money, I always seem to come across someone in need of some. I’m mostly happy on my side of my brain. Note, I did say “mostly happy.” 😀

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