Who You Wit?

At last weekend\’s services, the senior pastor at my church talked about gang life in the course of his sermon. I won\’t go into it here, but that part of the talk came back to me today.I had lunch with one of my dear sister-friends at a local chain eatery; I hadn\’t been there in about a century but they have this buy one/get one meal deal — you buy from a pre-determined (verrryyyy tiny) list of meals and you pick from a second (even more minuscule) list of meals that you get for free. I tucked into my main meal, which was/is enough for lunch and dinner and looked longingly at my second dish that I will also split into two.Frugal? Why yes, I most certainly am.We finished the meal and my sister-friend stopped at the restroom to wash her hands and such before we had a last bit of a chat and went our separate ways for the day. Whilst I waited, one of the servers approached me. \’I love your shirt,\’ she said.I had to look down to see which one I was wearing — it says \’God made us for more\’ on the front. \’Oh, thank you!\’ I answered. \’It is from my church, the Way World Outreach.\’ I checked each sleeve as the other shirts have the church name and logo on one or the other, having forgotten that this shirt had it on the back. I proceeded to twist around and point to the back.\"\"We exchanged pleasantries as I told her about the church. She said she was looking to attend somewhere, that presently she prayed and was developing her relationship with God. She mentioned her family\’s faith background, which she did not agree with. She mentioned music — that where the family worshiped, music was subdued, not very \’worshipful\’. I said, \’Hold on a minute — I\’ll be right back; our church worship team has a CD.\’ I went to the car and took my copy out of the player and brought it back to her.\’When do you go? It would be nice to go with someone I know.\’ I told her my usual preferred times to attend and gave her one of my business cards with my mobile number on it. I invited her to text me so we could connect. She thanked me and I left.On the way to the car, I had two thoughts:

  • I am so going to have to buy more CDs since I keep giving them away.
  • I \’blamed\’ Pastor Marco for having me talking to all these different folks who I ordinarily wouldn\’t talk to. Because people, right?

His comments about gangs made me smile as I got in my car. Yeah, I guess I\’m part of the Way World Outreach gang. If somebody asked me, in the vernacular, \’Who you wit?\’, I can say I\’m wit the Way.Ultimately though, I guess I\’d have to say I\’m a Christ-follower gang of one; in all things, I tend to march to a different beat. The Way is just where I happen to hang and connect with others who are in a similar gang.And it\’s all good.Because the Creator loves me, in all my weirdness.Who you wit?To learn a bit more about The Way, click hereIf music is your thing, let me know. I might be able to score you a CD … or at least tell you how to get one!

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