In Dreams

Confession: I slept in today. So how\’s your Monday?I did not walk or go to the gym, having talked myself into a short boycott of all things outside. If you were to ask my mother, she would probably agree that I am the best boycotter she knows. If I say I\’m not going to shop somewhere, 99.999% of the time I won\’t shop there. When I say I am boycotting something, take it for the true-true.I had a good weekend; while I did not get to go to the place I had identified as the breakfast joint yesterday, the substitute was quite tasty (nothing like chicken tacos for morning nosh). Service at my church was spot-on and the guest speaker was hilarious. Had a good chat with folks afterward that I hope will lead to new opportunities (more on all that as it develops). I ran an errand or two and when I got home, I realized I had absolutely no desire to work. I was pooped, could barely keep my eyes open. I mustered a bit of energy to watch yesterday\’s Game of Thrones (right?!) and turned in; I was most likely asleep before my head hit the pillow.

\”You were in my dream: I\’d made tuna salad and you asked me to feed you some,\” I said.

The resultant conversation from my dream reveal was about neediness: what is a sign that we are needy?I wonder if neediness — not in an extreme of course, but neediness like, I need a snackĀ or that expression of feeling that shows a desire to be with or near someone — is in fact a good thing?I needed not to get out of bed this morning.Different but the same.School opened today and I had no desire to duck school buses or to share the sidewalks and streets with young people, hence the no walking. It\’s Monday and that\’s quite a lot to ask of me, thank you very much.If you haven\’t been around this space for long, let me explain: I don\’t do well with hoards of young folk. Gaggles of children are a bit much for my introverted sensibilities to handle. One, maybe two children at a time? I can do, in spurts. But when all of the children in my neighborhood — or even from within one of the three-mile squares I often walk are unleashed? That\’s too many.Sleep, rejuvenation, dreams, were preferred to the onslaught.In my dreams, I do not typically encounter crowds of anything. As my soul spaces have been on a healing trajectory, dreams are calm fields. They are sometimes funny, to the point I wake up with the giggles. I have awakened to find the moisture of tears on my cheeks, having had to leave that ethereal arena in which I was visited by one or another personage from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Other dreams leave me yearning for just … one … more … moment …But in the end, dreams are an excursion into the recesses of the mind, desires yet to be fulfilled, and the thirst of unquenchable wants. So I rub the sleep from my eyes, stretch all my limbs, and leap into the day.How you doin?

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