Dreams Do Come True

\"ImageGo on and say \’Awwww!\’. You know you want to.This scrumptious baby right here looks like the puppy I met last weekend at my volunteer. His human dad was still grumpy but his human mom was in much better spirits. I saw the pup, running between the legs of the people in the large crowd that had gathered for hot food (hot dogs and scrambled eggs) and take away (apples, oranges, cereal, chips) and reached out. He ran over, all tail and smiles to fall on my feet. I couldn\’t get enough of him, the love. His mum told me his name and I remembered it until right before I sat down to write this. I told the woman she had to keep bringing him so I could see how big he was going to get — he\’d grown since last week.I mentioned I had hoped to see the pup again and there he was (between you and I, this pup is a boy, but his mum calls him \’she\’ — I don\’t have the heart to tell her). Dreams do come true (and often) if you keep your eyes and heart open for them.I\’ve told the story several times about how I wished and wished I had been able to get the other puppies from my Woola\’s litter.\"\"If you saw my post yesterday, you know that Woola\’s brother, Tattoo, lives down the street. I often imagine what it would have been like to have both of them in my house, especially since Tattoo is taller and longer. Ah, the joy! But I am happy to just be able to walk down there and fawn over him and his doggie sister, pretty much whenever I want.Most of my dreams are small; I don\’t need much to make me happy. But every now and again, I have larger desires, like my post from earlier in the week about that house up the way. I am however thrilled to pieces with my corner of the universe, but it never hurts to dream, right?You never know … I\’ll try to remember that the next time I get puppy kisses from my new Saturday friend. 

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