Very Super-suspicious, Pt. 2 – One Day\’s Journey

[embedyt][/embedyt]See what I did there? You\’ll probably never think of Mr. Wonder\’s song the same again.What had happened was, I have time on my walks to crack myself up. More importantly, nature cracks me up.\"\"\"\"I didn\’t just take pictures of random flowers, bushes, Hobbit holes and such yesterday. I was that suspicious neighbor, lurking near people\’s houses.Because we\’re all family up in here, I have a confession: there is a house I covet. There. I wrote it out loud.\"\"It has a round room and a beautiful gate and is just … dreamy.I didn\’t stand there, drooling like I wanted. Because that would have been weird.I picked up my coveting, stuck it in my pocket, and toddled off to find other interesting things.\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"I met wildlife along what I discovered is called the Canyon Trail; I have walked the upper end before but as I headed south, that little voice said, \’You need to get back to your house and get to work — you don\’t have time for all this meandering!\’Mind you, I had already taken a slightly circuitous route and felt the urge to continue it.

Route map for Canyon Trail by Andree Robinson-Neal on

I ignored the \’you need to get to work\’ voice, crossed Belmont, and followed the path to the other end. Along the way, I met a rabbit, who pointed me to her shrine.\"\"I found two exercise nooks but didn\’t stop to investigate in-depth this go.\"\"I got to the end (or is it technically the beginning?) and figured I would do the same route but in reverse sometime soon. With detours, of course.\"\"Wanna come?

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  1. Definitely a giant lawn pineapple because that’s exactly what I thought when I saw it too.Also, we have those “VitaCourse 2000” things in one of the parks near me too, only most of the equipment needed to do the exercises seems to have wandered off…

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