Negative much?

When you take a moment and realize you are in a negative zone, what to do?Blog.So, hey. It\’s been a minute.I was slouching like this, but got over it. Here\’s what had happened was:Have you ever done something positive and the first thought that came to mind: No good deed goes unpunished.Yeah — I\’ve been going through some stuff and as such, have been that person with the cloud over her head and vultures in the trees around her abode (okay, they were crows, but still. There are vultures in this neighborhood so it\’s plausible). I had an experience where I was faced with an opportunity to do something for a person in the neighborhood who didn\’t know me. The moment it was over, the \’no good deed\’ thought popped into my head. Sigh.The stress has been insane.I got up this morning with a plan to get a bunch of stuff done, including printing a couple of itineraries I need next week. What happens? Can\’t connect to the printer. The same printer I\’ve been connected to for, oh, six months. It took me three hours to get it doing what it was supposed to. Score!I promptly printed one of the things I needed and went for a drive to handle some other business. As I locked my door, I thought, Yeah, I better do this in case I die before doing it and then what?Negative much?My errand required a trip to the post office, which was actually a good trip. I talked with the postal worker about Android boxes and being so \’hood. I walked out into the sun, smiling about how cool my \’hood is. I stopped at the little strip of stores up the corner from my house and went into a new take-out joint called Bad Spanish, talked with the proprietor, bought a picadillo taco (which was divine, by the way — coulda eaten two or three). Popped over to the 7 Eleven and chatted with the folks I know in there. Drove back to the house, enjoying the sun.It was a reminder that negative is overrated.How you doin\’?

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  1. I do hope the black cloud, vultures (or crows) and slouching are all things of the past. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a fog – especially when there seems to be no reason for it. I wish I had seen this earlier, but for some reason known only to WordPress themselves, all my notifications had been turned off. I had to go through all my “blogs I follow” page and switch them back on again one at a time. If it had been one or two, I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but I wasn’t receiving ANY notifications. It’s all up and running again 🙂

    1. Hi, Lyn! Note the amount of time that has gone since you left this message … I was locked out of my blog dashboard! It was horrid but thankfully my webhosting folks are wonderful and got me back in. I thought I was going to have to start from scratch to rebuild the site but thankfully I didn’t have to. Whew!Anyway, it seems there is always a murder of crows (love that) or a little angry cloud just waiting on the other side of the horizon to swoop in and dash hopes. But fortunately, there are calming winds to blow them away and the sun rises again 🙂

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