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Deblog 1: December is Full of Blogidays

Say what now?Here in the Cave, last month was Plovember, the Cave Mistress\’s version of National Blogging Month (NaNoPloBlaMo or somesuch).The gauntlet has been thrown, gloves have been slapped across faces, and heels have been turned forcefully to indicate that many of us who engaged in Blogging Month will continue to write daily through the end of the year.While this is not a story or continuation or observation, it is the first post of December and I wanted to take this day, this first Blogiday, to hip you to the 411. And since our tag on Facebook will be #Blogidays, I had to come up with a new name as well.Because I can\’t just go with the flow.Therefore, I dub this month Deblog!\"dblog\"And yes, you will see this image again. Maybe even every day. Take that, 2016!

4 Comments on “Deblog 1: December is Full of Blogidays

  1. Your are a glutton for punishment :DLOL I remember someone yelling out “De plane, de plane” when The Wrath of Khan was first shown in the movie theatres and Khan’s face appeared on the screen.

    1. Oh, I love it!!! I have gotten away from writing, to the point that the last storyline I was working on had so much dust on it the pages are brown. Really. Blogging helps me get my mojo back and so maybe one day soon I’ll dust it off and work on it for real 🙂

      1. Oh you should work on your storyline. LOL I know about dust on the pages, I turned a couple of pages of mine and had a coughing fit 😀

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