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Plovember 27: Revolt

 The two men ducked as more rocks and arrows whizzed past their heads. A large boulder thundered toward them. \’Did you know they had catapults, Doctor?\’
\’No, Roger. I had no idea. We should circle around and find a better hiding position.\’
\’But, Doctor — what about the boys? Shouldn\’t we try to get to them and then make our way to the boat?\’ Roger shouted over the sounds of a new barrage of rocks. \’And what are they shouting? Can you make it out?\’
The doctor tilted his head toward the fray for a moment and then answered, \’It seems they are shouting jaccquerie.\’
\’What does that mean?\’ Roger asked.
\’It means \”revolt\”, Roger. It seems they think I might be the other doctor and they don\’t like it one bit that we are here. As you know, he has decimated their resources, outsourced their work, and has threatened to set loose the dragons to keep them out of his territory. Plus, he recently hired Ashida, who has a terrible track human rights track record. They are struggling to identify how our platforms are different.\’
Roger frowned. \’You can\’t be serious, Doctor! You and Zin have nothing in common!\’
\’You know that, and I know that, Roger, but these are a poor, uniformed and disenfranchised electorate. They only know what they experience and the name of one doctor is much the same as the next. Now, let\’s get out of here. The boys are resourceful; I am sure they will get to the boat on their own. We need to be concerned for ourselves.\’ The doctor turned and began to slide carefully around the edge of the cliff and away from the melee. \’Once we get to the ship, we can regroup and identify our next course of action. This election isn\’t over yet.\’
Today\’s word is jacquerie and was offered by Ra Avis, who keeps this wonderful space that must be visited regularly.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching the original Jonny Quest, \’A Small Matter of Pygmies\” is a classic. Click here to watch and you\’ll hear their language — at one point, it sounds like the one pygmy is saying something close to \’jacquerie\’, which is why the aforementioned scenario came together for me. If you are in the know, you should recognize Roger as Roger T. \’Race\’ Bannon. The doctor is Dr. Quest. Zin is naturally Dr. Zin. Ashida is a character from an episode called \’The Dragons of Ashida\’, another classic episode.
It is no coincidence, the similarity to certain events that may or may not be playing out in US politics just now.
Beyond that, thanks for your word, Ra!


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