Flash Fiction

Plovember 26: Outrageous

\’I told you to make a down at the last nebula! Now we\’re lost.\’ She threw the map-tablet across the ship, but the effect was lost due to a lack of gravity. She sucked her teeth and crossed her arms, hoping he would notice her upset.Instead, he continued piloting and squinted at the viewscreen. \’We are not lost, dear. I know a shortcut.\’Her eyes bugged out as she gagged on the response she actually wanted to deliver. She swallowed and gritted her teeth. \’Do you not remember the last shortcut you claimed to know? When we were supposed to be at Uncle Igmar\’s wedding? You got us stuck in traffic outside Camelopardalis and we missed everything except the last bit of the reception. Everyone was drunk by the time we arrived!\’\’Good thing, too, as weird as your Uncle Igmar is,\’ he mumbled.\’What was that?\’\’Nothing, dear,\’ he said a bit too loudly. They flew in silence past Canis Major and he smiled. \’Look. There\’s the sign for Pyxis. We\’ll be at your parent\’s before the turkey\’s finished cooking.\’She crossed her arms in a huff. \’Outrageous!\’ she stammered, not wanting to believe he\’d actually been right this time. Soon she softened at the thought of making Thanksgiving dinner with the family and smiled. \’Thanks, dear.\’He glanced at her. \’Of course!\’

Okay, so Thanksgiving was actually two days ago, but with all the traffic congestion in Southern California, it seemed appropriate to tell such a tale. In case you need a brush up on your constellations, check this site for a brief overview. This little tale comes courteous of ¬†Matt Blashill of The Matticus Kingdom. Be sure to pop on over for a visit! He offered \’outrageous\’ as a word prompt for me!\"nanopoblano2016\"\"nablopomo_badge_2016\"

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