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Plovember 22: Every Kind of People

https://youtu.be/ndCnOqKq5Xs Takes every kind of people … to make what life\’s about yeah … takes every kind of people … the world go round\"Displaying\"Displaying …Truth, that.My church does a ginormous Thanksgiving dinner for the city.No, really. They serve over 2,000 people every year at a sit-down event. Last week Sunday, the announcements indicated they needed 500 volunteers, a bunch of turkeys, and people to cook. I looked at the paper that everyone received on the way into service this week Sunday and tried to figure out what I was supposed to do. Buy a turkey, buy and cook a turkey, cook a turkey, volunteer that day …I was going to ignore the nagging in my gut as I watched the film showing the men, women, and children lined up around the block at the church\’s downtown location. The children.How could I do nothing?How could I, even though I would say I don\’t have a lot, not do anything for those who have nothing? Who, without this, would have no Thanksgiving at all?I made my way quickly to the table and signed up to cook two turkeys. And my turkey is pretty bomb, if I do say so myself. I got excited as the hour drew near on Sunday afternoon — all the volunteers had to attend a meeting and those of us who were cooking received their turkeys, the pans, and all the stuff to get it done.Because it takes every kind of people.\"nanopoblano2016\"\"nablopomo_badge_2016\"

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  1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Oz, but at Christmas time, a lot of churches put on Christmas lunch for anyone who is alone or homeless. One church puts on lunch every day of the week and everyone is welcome – rich, poor, homeless or living in a palace. That particular church only believes in social work and never mentions the need for people to turn to God, or that Christ died for our sins, because “you can’t upset people by telling them they are sinners.”

    1. Oh, my. Well, The Way World Outreach feeds on every Sunday and during the week as well but does this very big thing for Thanksgiving. There is always a message about Christ, though, in some form or fashion. The mission and vision at The Way is to reach the inner cities of the world with Christ’s love 🙂

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