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Plovember 4: The Horror Continues

Before we\’d left New Jersey, the husband needed to change vehicles as well. The Skylark\’s clutch was busted; he patched it up with bicycle parts and traded it for a 1990 Cougar.\"ImageI eventually bought what I thought was the house of my dreams: a lovely three-bedroom, two-story affair in Dover, Delaware. The neighbors were weird, we had no friends, and I had to commute to my job. I got rid of that stinky Grand Am for what I thought was the Honda of my dreams.\"ImageThe job I took allowed me the use of a company vehicle; I decided to drive it more than the Honda, primarily because I didn\’t like the Honda. So much so, I couldn\’t give it a name.Life remained rather dreadful. The husband couldn\’t find work, and eventually, I got let go from my job.I sold the house at a loss, just to get out. The Honda went soon after. However, life did not improve and I needed some excitement. Along came (no, they didn\’t really have these names) the Green Hornet and the Red Rocket soon after.\"nanopoblano2016\"\"nablopomo_badge_2016\"

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