Book Release, or Mind Offering a Review?

\"life_floatingcity_cover\"So unless you live under a larger rock than I do or are simply not connected to me in any way on Facebook, you may be unaware that I have a new book!Yes!I\’ve been keeping this one under wraps because I was quite excited. Okay, nerd moment alert:As you will note by the information on the cover, the story is based on the work of Mr. Thomas Dolby and specifically, his Map of the Floating City. I received permission from Mr. Dolby himself regarding the use of his music and from there, the quill hit the papyrus pretty tough. I connected with Nick Grabowsky at Black Bed Sheet Books (click the incredibly lovely cover above to visit the BBS Facebook page) and here we are – a real, for-true book!Now, here\’s where you come in: wanna read it? Like, for FREE?I am looking for the first 15 souls who would like to get their mittens on it and who would write up reviews in exchange. Said reviews should be spread far and wide to Amazonland, Barnes and Nobleville, and Goodreadstown, anywhere else you visit whilst planting book reviews, which is majorly appreciated. I am also available for interviews so query me on that :)Here\’s whatcha gotta do:Fill out the form herein and I will randomly select 15 folks. Simple, right? Have at it! NOTE: incomplete forms will be disqualified. Sorry … Please submit no later than midnight, Pacific Time, on 28 September, which is two weeks from today!

3 Comments on “Book Release, or Mind Offering a Review?

  1. “A workman is worthy of his (or her) wages” I’m going to go shopping at Amazon tomorrow :)Can’t promise a speedy review, could take me a week or so, but I will review it.

  2. Actually, I think I might wait until the paperback version is available. I do have a kindle, but I prefer “the real thing” so-to-speak. Then again, maybe I’ll buy both 😀

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